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Email Archiving Solutions: Appliance, Software & Cloud

Business Email Solutions for Email Storage & Archiving

cryoserver-logoWe are Cryoserver — A leading forensic archiving and compliance solution for electronic records.

Secure, Fast & Reliable Archiving & Storage of Emails
The Cryoserver™ email archiving solution allows organisations to collect, store and save every email and instant message in a secure, tamper-evident repository. Users can sift through catalogued data quickly and easily – where email and attachments can be found in split seconds.

Safely stored and never edited, the Cryoserver archive allows forensic eDiscovery of an organisation’s entire email history. The stored data is readily available for any need in a Legal Procedure, Dispute Resolutions, HR investigations, Subject Access Requests, Freedom of Information requests, Regulatory Compliance or Data Protection.

Email Solutions For Businesses, Organizations & Public Bodies

All types of organisations, businesses and government bodies depend on Cryoserver to allow them to securely store and access important business, operational and public information.

Any business which sends or receives emails would benefit from Cryoserver’s Email Archiving System through choosing either our Cloud, Appliance or Software solutions. If you are a service provider you can also white label and resell our services through our Multi-Tenant offering.

Whether in the form of a sealed email archiving appliance or a software package, we provide a thorough, audited, tamper evident repository of emails sent to, from and within an organisation.

Simple & Fast…
Cryoserver is simple to use and has an incredibly fast search engine which allows users to find any email whenever it was sent/received in fractions of a second. Find out more about our various email solutions for storage, archiving and information retrieval