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MSPs, How to Stand Out In A Crowd

MSPs, How to Stand Out In A Crowd

There is a debate out there about whether companies in the cyber space should remain a traditional IT services provider or transition to offer managed security.

Adding security offerings is almost a mantra across the managed service provider (MSP) business. Given the rise of ransomware and an ever-growing list of other threats, IT service providers are increasingly looking to make money on the demand for cyber security. Delivering managed services presents a great opportunity as it enables companies to tap into a growing market, build more predictable revenue streams and increase margins as a result.

However, the market can be very competitive and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Whether you have already made the transition, or are planning on it, there are different ways you can make your MSP stand out;

Value First 

Every customer, in every market desire one thing; value! If that value has little or no cost, then that’s a winner. For example, consider authoring free white papers and e-books that illuminate industry trends or present best practices for solving common challenges. The key is to find the “white space” that others aren’t utilizing, leverage it as much as possible and use that as your value proposition and your competitive advantage.

To quote Eddie Harris "No one remembers you for standing in the crowd, but they do remember you for standing out of it."

Get SEO Savvy

If I was to ask you to do some research into MSPs, where would you go to first? The internet, right? Nearly everyone will use the internet to research their desire, and it’s important to make them find you easily. Enter SEO. If potential customers search “MSPs” and your website is listed on the tenth page of results, you’re losing out on customers, leads and sales.

Invest ample time and resources in SEO because an Internet search is the first place most people turn to find service providers. Video, blogs, social media and search engine ads are some of the best tools to help move a website up to a higher position in search engine results.

Get Active On Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media and use it to your advantage. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit and other platforms are great sources to fill your sales funnel and establish your brand among your followers and customers.

These social media platforms also offer an opportunity to promote your brand beyond just your followers with tools such as Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads & Twitter promote mode, which can help you acquire new customers on a broader scope.


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