SSL Certificates – 5 Benefits to your Online Business

SSL Certificates – 5 Benefits to your Online Business

Online is a multi-Billion Euro marketplace, where there is money there is also crime!

One of the first lines of defence for any online presence is your SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate - electronic files used to identify people and resources over Internet.

Serious websites must implement SSL security to protect themselves and users, web browsers will detect certificates, which lets them know that this connection needs to be encrypted. Users can easily recognise whether they are visiting an SSL enabled site via a small “lock icon” appearing beside the website URL.

Did you know? Websites using SSL can also be identified by their use of the https protocol, instead of http.

With the constant increase in cyber-attacks, exploring some of the benefits of SSL is worthwhile.

  1. SSL certificates encrypts sensitive data

SSL was developed as a mechanism for encrypting data. It works by creating a secure channel between a user’s browser, and the website’s server that the user wants to connect to.

Encryption algorithms like RSA and DSA are currently used by most certificate authorities and any information that passes through this channel is encrypted at one end and decrypted upon receipt on the other end, to render it unreadable by those who don’t have the key.

SSL is the backbone of a secure Internet as it ensures that your incoming and outgoing web traffic is kept safe from all types of security threats.

  1. SSL protects against scams

Unsafe Phishing sites are becoming more common, these are an almost perfect replica of an original, authentic site which uses many techniques to lure you into providing your sensitive information.

However, if SSL Security is enabled, scammers will have a very difficult time in replicating the site as they cannot copy authentic SSL certificates!

Visitors to fake sites are warned of the absence of SSL, providing fair notice of any scams.

  1. SSL certificates promote confidence and trust

Users take a leap of faith when they shop online. If trust is lost customers will never return. As previously mentioned, browsers give visual cues, such as a small lock icon, to make sure visitors know when their connection is secured.

Visitors who trust a website and will be more likely to return.

SSL providers can also offer a trust seal that instils more trust in customers, adding another layer of trust and operability to an online business.

  1. An SSL certificate PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance

If an e-commerce site contains, receives, or transmits any type of sensitive information such as personal information, such as contact details or credit card information, it will require an SSL certificate.

Anyone who is aware of cyber-attacks wouldn’t send their credit card information over a simple HTTP website.

  1. SSL certificates improves SEO and brand value

Search engine optimisation is what gets your site to the top of Google’s search results. Some Organisations can spend significant amounts of money and resources to improve SEO without realising that simply enabling SSL can give their site a ranking boost on Google.

Google incorporated SSL as a ranking factor in its PageRank algorithm several years ago. So, with everything else being equal, a website having SSL will be ranked higher than the one not having it on Google Search.


Entrust Datacard work continuously to innovate technology to stop hackers who are diligent in their efforts to create new ways to steal data, always ensuring to meet or exceed industry requirements for the issuance and management of SSL Security.

Entrust designs SSL Certificates to meet a full range of enterprise requirements with features such as cutting-edge 256-bit encryption and SHA-2 algorithms with ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) the most secure encryption available, to protect your data.

Advanced ECC, uses a different approach than standard RSA. As RSA utilises increasingly larger logarithms, which take more time to process. ECC however, uses a smaller algorithm to generate keys that are much stronger than RSA keys. The smaller algorithm means less data is being verified between the server and the client, which results in increased network performance. This is especially important for websites that experience a high level of traffic.

With Entrust you can get all the SSL certificate types you need from one source. From basic SSL certificates to more advanced EV multi-domain SSL certificates and specialty certificates for secure email, code-signing, device authentication or PDF document signing.  No matter how many or what type of servers you have, Entrust Datacard offers the right SSL certificate for you.

Is SSL on your agenda?

It is critical that businesses properly use SSL on all websites as this will help protect the company website and its users. With so many advantages, why would anyone not use SSL?

If you are still not convinced, give me a call on +353 1 2809410  to learn more about SSL security or to discuss how an Entrust Datacard SSL certificate can be best applied to your business website.

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