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Why you need to use a Password Manager

Why you need to use a Password Manager

The consequences of poor data security just got a lot more severe, with the UK Information Commissioner's Office announcing that it intends to levy a £184m (€205m) fine on British Airways for a data breach that compromised the personal data of half a million customers in 2018. It has been clear for a while now that the enforcement activity across Europe under GDPR was going to ramp up as the time since the new regulations went into force passed one year. The bedding in period is over. Data breaches from now on will likely result in significant fines and other penalties.

Passwords are the weakest link

Data shows that 81% of all data breaches are the result of weak password security. This is not surprising. Most humans are terrible at following the password security guidelines that experts try to drum into them. Recommendations such as: use a different password for each login, make sure the password has a number, a capital letter, and a symbol, change your password regularly. Also, don't write the passwords down where anyone can easily find them. Maybe we need to send people on those memory enhancement courses where they learn how to recall the card order in a shuffled deck of cards. The people who can follow the password recommendations without the help of tools are vanishingly small in number.

Why can't the computers everyone is using to access web sites and applications manage the security and passwords? That's what machines are for, to make things easier for people. It turns out that they can handle this task in an efficient, easy, and highly secure way. Let the machines do it. Specifically, let Keeper from Keeper Security do it!

Keeper is your intelligent password assistant

Imagine if everyone only had to remember a single password and that this password could be very secure, easy to remember, easy to change, but at the same time allowed the use of unique, random, very safe passwords for every login anyone needed. How much easier would that make the lives of both users and data security professionals? This is what Keeper delivers.

Keeper removes the drudgery from implementing a secure password policy. Unique passwords are randomly generated for all the logins that each individual user needs, securely stored in individual (or team) password vaults, and when logging into a web site or application Keeper detects the required login and automatically fills the details in for the user. There is no need for the user to know what the login password is for a particular site. They just need to remember their own single master password and enter it to unlock Keeper and allow it to enter the random password for each location. As only this unique password needs to be remembered by each user, it can be both memorable and secure. It's much easier to remember this than tens of passwords for multiple logins. Keeper also supports biometric unlocking using fingerprint and face recognition such as Apple TouchID and FaceID; thus, the single password doesn't even need to be entered all the time.

Keeper comes in two business tiers: Business and Enterprise, with the latter adding enterprise-level integration features on top of the core business functionality. There are also personal and family plans for non-business use, although these may suffice for small organisations. Use the links above to see the full feature details.


Proper password policies and the use of sufficiently strong passwords is fundamental to IT system data security. As the surveys show, it is weak password security that causes the majority of breaches. Implementing Keeper password management tools into an organisation solves almost all of the problems associated with password management. You still need to make sure people don't write their master password on a note and stick it to their screen or under their keyboard!


There is a strong case to be made to say that a password management solution like Keeper is now essential to all organisations who need to secure access to systems and data. Don't rely on people managing their passwords securely. Let the computers do it for them. They are better at it! Contact us today and let Renaissance and Keeper Security analyse your needs and recommend the best version of Keeper to deliver your password management solution.

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