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Keeping your Network Healthy with AI Anomaly Reporting

Keeping your Network Healthy with AI Anomaly Reporting

Cybersecurity is an ongoing task, as we often say in our blogs and seminars. With the ever-expanding threat surface due to IoT adoptions and other Industry 4.0 technologies, all businesses and other organisations must stay ahead of the security curve. Especially now in the era of GDPR and the ever-increasing sanctions that are being levied for breaches.

Renaissance and our partners are here to help everyone select and deploy solutions to protect all aspects of IT systems and connected infrastructure. Including using the power of machine learning and the Cloud to deliver a security monitoring system that learns network and traffic patterns to spot anomalies faster than a human can. The CyGlass Network Defence as a Service (NDaaS) solution does precisely this. See for details, and contact Renaissance to discuss how we can help you deploy it. Read on for an overview of what NDaaS can deliver.

Network Defence as a Service (NDaaS)

Harnessing the capabilities of the Cloud is now standard practice for many organisations. The benefits are many and well known, so we won't rehash them here. It makes sense to extend the use of flexible compute resources available on-demand in the Cloud to help with network security provision.

CyGlass is a Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that is focused on network defence. It does not require any additional hardware, software or staff resources within the protected organisation's network, and can be deployed in minutes. When enabled in the Cloud and linked to a network, CyGlass uses powerful AI-based algorithms to learn the layout of the network and the typical traffic patterns over time. In other words, it learns what is normal for each particular network. It should be noted that this is done without any personally identifiable information being sent to the Cloud. So there is no information leakage that could be a problem under GDPR and other privacy legislation.

Advanced Threat detection, Alerting, and Reporting

CyGlass ingests the traffic on a network and learns the typical usage patterns over time. This process of learning is continuous. The picture built up can be tweaked by human IT staff to identify IT assets that have bursty network traffic patterns during busy periods. Once the overall network picture has built up the AI-based algorithms can quickly detect any threats, anomalies, and other violations that are out of the norm. CyGlass can also be integrated with Fortinet to extend its protection.

SmartAlerts notify IT staff of any unusual activity, so they can inspect identified anomalies and take action if required. The AI engine in CyGlass allows security teams to focus on threats and anomalies that pose a severe risk to the network. It shields them from drowning in a flood of low-level alerts. The diagram below shows the layers within the CyGlass solution.

C-suite executives and other decision-makers in an organisation can get a weekly report from CyGlass that gives a threat score. This score can be used over time to communicate the security health of the network to people who don't need to know the details of the threats. It can also be used to drive discussions around further security changes to keep the score as low as possible.


Machine learning and AI-backed solutions are going to be essential to protect the networks that will deliver the IoT and Industry 4.0 revolution. Let the machines do it is an apt phrase. The CyGlass machine learning backed solution is the place to start. Contact Renaissance today to begin the conversation.

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