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Making Life easier with Aerohive Cloud Management

Making Life easier with Aerohive Cloud Management

The modern IT infrastructure that delivers the business applications organisations rely on is often complicated, geographically spread, and grows as business needs change over time. As a result of this, there are often networks in multiple offices, components in the cloud, and the need for remote access from mobile workers and branch sites. This makes it difficult for IT staff to have an overall picture of the complete network across wired and Wi-Fi network components. Plus this network complexity makes it very hard to manage and secure the network.

Aerohive have invented cloud network management to solve this problem. The HiveManager network management system has been designed to manage networks in the hybrid cloud world we inhabit. The result is a leap forward in network management that provides a radically simplified management solution for wired and Wi-Fi networks. HiveManager delivers streamlined configuration workflows, real-time client and event monitoring, improved troubleshooting, versatile Wi-Fi access point planning, and API integration for other IT systems.

See the Aerohive web site and downloadable PDF information sheets for detailed information. Alternatively, read on for a summary of what HiveManager delivers. You can also contact Renaissance to discuss HiveManager and other network security solutions in more detail.

HiveManager Overview

HiveManager presents a powerful dashboard that gives a single pane of glass view of an organisation’s complete network infrastructure. This dashboard provides the ability to see current and historical views, network trends and insights, data usage by device, and drill-downs into views of network policies, plus information on individual devices, applications, clients, and users. The centralised dashboard also allows for all management and configuration tasks to be done from one screen. There is also a troubleshooting view that can be used by front-line support and help-desk operatives to see issues in real-time, with remedies to try suggested by HiveManager.

Additional HiveManager features:

  • Auto-Provisioning - with zero-touch deployment for client access.
  • Simplified Deployment - guided workflows for creating and deploying network policies. With advanced configuration also available if required beyond the guided workflows.
  • Troubleshooting - optimised help-desk interface to triage historical and real-time client problems with actionable data to reduce escalations and provide a better end-user experience.
  • Application Visibility and Control - visibility of all application use on the network. Both for business applications and other applications, such as games on smartphones.
  • Monitoring - real-time and historical views with automated alerting based on set parameters.
  • Guest Access - flexible onboarding and management options for visitor and BYOD devices including intuitive Captive Web Portals, social Login and PPSK (Private Pre-Shared Key).
  • IoT Management - securely connect IoT devices with AES encryption using Aerohive PPSK.
  • Network Health - real-time and historical view of client and device health with built-in remediation tools.
  • Deployment Scalability - centrally manage over one million network-connected devices, including access points, switches, and routers.
  • Multi-tenancy - allows managed service providers and large corporations to efficiently manage multiple customers or subsidiary accounts from one master account. With management delegation where required.
  • Open APIs - a full suite of REST APIs and webhooks including monitoring, identity, presence and location, and configuration to allow third-party integration.
  • Comparative Analytics: Anonymously compare operational and performance-based metrics to those of other organisations of a similar size and vertical to your own. This feature is only available with the HiveManager Public Cloud edition.

Deployment Options

Aerohive HiveManager comes in two versions and has three deployment options. The two versions are:

  • Connect - a subscription-free cloud-based edition that comes with all Aerohive access points and switches. Connect provides entry-level cloud-based management without a need for a subscription.
  • Select - Upgrades Connect version with advanced features, services and deployment options.

The cloud deployment options for HiveManager are:

  • Public Cloud - enterprise-level availability and scalability that supports millions of connected devices and clients.
  • Private cloud - the same stack available in the Public Cloud solution but available to deploy on private infrastructure for any MSPs or other organisations who want to maintain full control.
  • Local Cloud - A virtual appliance that supports up to 5,000 access points to deliver the same HiveManager software stack for on-premise deployments.

Contact Renaissance to discuss which version and deployment option would suit you best.



Aerohive HiveManager delivers the Enterprise level wired and Wi-Fi network configuration, management, and monitoring that is required to provide 24/7 access to business applications. It harnesses the power of the public cloud for resilience and performance, while also giving the option for private deployment if required using the same powerful HiveManager software stack. Chat to Renaissance today to find out more.

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