Zero Trust

Zero Trust SaaS Platform Unifying Identity Provisioning and Access Security

Zero Trust SaaS Platform Unifying Identity Provisioning and Access Security

cyberelements - Zero Trust SaaS platform unifying identity provisioning and access security

Zero Trust SaaS platform unifying identity provisioning and access security

The changing working models that emerged from lockdowns have changed how and where many people work. Hybrid is the new normal, to go all cliché. This change introduced challenges for IT teams who need to secure data and system access when the concept of the traditional network border has evaporated.

Zero trust technologies have come to the fore as part of the solution to deliver security for distributed workforces and office-based staff, as zero trust concepts are applicable wherever a user is. Key pillars in a zero trust strategy and implementation are user identity and access control for all connections, irrespective of origin. In zero-trust you never assume a connection is secure based on its source.

cyberelements, powered by SYSTANCIA provides a feature-rich, tried and tested SaaS platform that makes provisioning secure user and device access painless, provides real-time Privileged Access Management (PAM) for critical systems, and industrial strength Identity & Access Management (IAM) for all users and connections. You can read about the cyberelements platform on this Renaissance & cyberelements information page, where you can also request a demo and/or a chat with an expert about the solution and pricing. The cyberelements website also has detailed info, videos explaining the solution, and its use cases and benefits.

Webinar: Deploy PAM in 3 minutes with the only European SaaS Zero Trust platform

Renaissance and cyberelements are holding a webinar on the 25th of April at 2 pm to outline how adopting the SaaS platform is the most secure and rapid way to connect workforces to corporate IT & OT. Renaissance's Michael Conway will host the webinar, and Jonathan Fussner, the Global Head of cyberelements, will join Michael.

You can register for the webinar at

The session will cover the following:

Like most IT providers, you try to offer the best tools to secure and protect your customer's infrastructure. Almost all CISOs and CIOs struggle with cybersecurity skills, budgets, etc. They have to improve their cyber security posture constantly. And you know that there is a direct impact between secure access and business performance. The business operates more efficiently if workforces are connected to their applications in full trust.

And what if, as recommended by IT analysts, Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions came together in a single platform to ensure to CISOs and CIOs that Zero Trust security policies are defined and enforced as expected? This is the promise delivered by!

Now with cyberelements, any business can set up secure access for all its business and privileged users within a few minutes so that they can access their IT or OT systems within seconds, applying the Zero Trust paradigm, considering identity and context as the new security perimeter.

Why Attend?

  • How do you securely enable a workforce with anywhere access to their day-to-day business applications?
  • How do you control and monitor privileged access to critical resources?
  • Hackers try to leverage the doors opened for third-party providers' access: how do you counter this threat?
  • Remote access to OT systems remains a challenge: how do you secure IT and OT access from within and outside your organisation?

Sign up for the webinar to hear how cyberelements SaaS platform answers these issues.

Overview of the cyberelements SaaS Platform

The cyberelements SaaS platform connected user and machine Identities & Contacts with Applications and resources located on-premise, in the cloud, private data centres, industrial OT systems, and third-party SaaS applications & infrastructure platforms. The diagram below outlines the logical architecture schematically.

As the diagram shows, cyberelements SaaS Platform logically sits between end users and devices (who can be located anywhere with an Internet connection) and provides a universal portal to deliver the following functionality:

Zero Trust SaaS Platform Unifying Identity Provisioning and Access Security

  • Access management
  • Identity Management
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • Zero Trust Security for access and identity management
  • Behavioural Analysis


These features combine to deliver:

  • Zero Trust Access to All apps and systems
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Visit to see the details on how these vital cybersecurity features get delivered by the cyberelements SaaS Platform.

To learn more contact the team at Renaissance here.