Business Continuity – Make a List & Check it Twice

When it comes to business continuity, plans aren’t meant to cover every eventuality but rather provide a starting point and a guide as you work through the situation as it develops. That said, it is important that the plans deliver articulate, clear and concise procedures so if a business critical issue or disaster does occur, […]

Business Continuity – Keeping your Data Safe and Business Trading

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is one of the most important areas in IT security today and it’s only becoming more prominent as large-scale breaches within the private and public sector continue to shake consumer trust and provoke ever-increasing government regulation. What is it? Identity and access management (IAM) is the security discipline that enables the right individuals to access the […]

Square or Round Wheels?

It all boils down to 1 question, “Are you too busy to improve?” This is a great enabler for the discussion on how to improve. It’s so simple and a great way to start the discussion on any complex matters. I have seen it quoted, shared and commented on many times, which tells us 2 […]

Business Continuity – Communicating Effectively Internally In Times Of Disruption

It can be argued that a company’s most valuable, and sometimes most underestimated, resource is its employees. Communicating effectively with them in times of disruption can make the difference between a smooth recovery from a disaster or one that is plagued with further issues. In times of disaster or disruption, employees may need to work […]

8 Top Tips for Keeping Your IT in Great Shape

In one way or another, Information Technology (IT) is an integral part of any business and we often don’t realise how much we rely on it until it’s non-operational. When such a thing occurs, business day-to-day operations are slowed and can even grind to a halt. Luckily, you can reduce the stress and damage that […]


The Channel Tunnel Act 1987 authorised the construction of the Channel Tunnel that connects the UK with France, via an underground train tunnel. The idea of a tunnel was first proposed in 1802 but construction wasn’t started until 1987/88. Construction of the tunnel was completed in 1993 and services commenced in November 1994. The Channel […]

Cyber Expo Ireland – A Thriving Success

The Irish Management Institute (IMI), Dublin was the setting on Wednesday 29th November, for Ireland’s 1st Cyber Data and Compliance Expo – Cyber Expo Ireland. With over 600 attending on the day, the delegates were welcomed into what can only be described as a practical but serious demonstration of the latest global Cyber Security software […]

Hang On! Business Continuity and the Retail Sector

 “Business as usual” is the goal for every business continuity plan. Retailers come in many forms including supermarkets, department stores and clothing outlets but they also come in many sizes from your large multinational corporations (MNCs) such as Tesco right down to your SMEs such as your local newsagent. The one thing they have in common […]

Manufacturing and business continuity

Coming from the perspective of the manufacturing industry, business continuity is about ensuring products continue to reach customers, regardless of any internal problems or issues as that arise. Of course like us all in the business world manufacturers need to identify their critical value adding processes and business activities, focus on keeping them operational or […]

Cyber Expo Ireland – Bringing The Whole Cyber Secuirty Ecosystem Together

Today’s most active battlefield is taking place online. The idea of cyber warfare still seems like science fiction for many, however it’s happening every minute of every day. Of course, this has sparked a huge interest and need for Cyber Security to protect our personal data and company data from attack. At Renaissance, our focus […]