DbaaS in The Cloud

Moving applications to the Cloud has many advantages. It provides flexible access to resources on-demand and allows hybrid deployments that spread IT services across on-premise, the Public Cloud, and Private Cloud data centres. Most applications use a database to store the data that they need to operate. Either for user data, or other data such […]

Keeping your Network Healthy with AI Anomaly Reporting

Cybersecurity is an ongoing task, as we often say in our blogs and seminars. With the ever-expanding threat surface due to IoT adoptions and other Industry 4.0 technologies, all businesses and other organisations must stay ahead of the security curve. Especially now in the era of GDPR and the ever-increasing sanctions that are being levied […]

Why you need to use a Password Manager

The consequences of poor data security just got a lot more severe, with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office announcing that it intends to levy a £184m (€205m) fine on British Airways for a data breach that compromised the personal data of half a million customers in 2018. It has been clear for a while now […]

Cyber Security in the Utility Sector

The modern world often grinds to a halt when there is an interruption to any of the services provided by the utility sector of the economy. For example, when the electrical supply fails, or if a city transport system is brought to a halt with no trains or buses in operation. Even something as local […]

ICS SCADA Networks: The Security Risks

The modern world is relying more and more on IT infrastructure to deliver or monitor critical and core services. Most people are familiar with the security required for business and consumer information systems; good passwords, anti-virus protection, malware protection, network firewalls, and more. Awareness is also increasing on the need for IoT (Internet of Things) […]

The EU NIS Directive: In case you missed it…

In all the publicity leading up to GDPR across the EU last year, you may have missed the introduction of another EU-wide cyber-security initiative that came into force on the 9th of May 2018. It is the EU Network and Information Security directive (NIS), and it is the first EU-wide cyber-security measure designed to enhance […]

5G Networks: The Cyber Security Requirements

The next evolution in mobile networking will arrive in selected cities in the UK and Ireland during 2019 as the major mobile networks introduce their 5G services. 5G builds on previous network infrastructure and will deliver much faster network speeds and vastly reduced latency on mobile. The latter feature will allow 5G networks to support […]

Secure Email and Accidental Data Leakage

Data breaches are still a threat for all organisations and with the advent of GDPR in the EU, the implications if one occurs go beyond the reputational into the potentially significant financial area. Most of the focus on preventing data breaches is on thwarting attacks from outside, but there is potential for data leakage from […]

Password Security Attacks

Sticky notes are a wonderful invention. They have lots of useful uses in the office, from quick lists to task descriptions on Kanban boards for agile development teams. Like all ideas, they can also be used for things that are not so good. Such as a convenient way to store passwords for IT systems. The […]

The Evolution of The DDoS Attack

It’s vitally important for businesses and organisations of all sizes to ensure that their Web sites and other Internet services are available at all times. Whether a web site is the source of revenue by providing an online store or only provides information and contact details for prospective clients, it is damaging both in reputational […]