Securing Your Digital Identity

Many people have experienced the gut-churning feeling when they check their credit card statement and see unfamiliar transactions or log on to a social media account and see posts they didn’t make. That mobile phone SIM bought in a country they’ve never been to, and the Facebook post with a link to a phishing site […]

Business Continuity – Make a List & Check it Twice

When it comes to business continuity, plans aren’t meant to cover every eventuality but rather provide a starting point and a guide as you work through the situation as it develops. That said, it is important that the plans deliver articulate, clear and concise procedures so if a business critical issue or disaster does occur, […]

Cyber Security – The Fast Facts

In a world of increasing complexities and complications, I wanted to keep this blog short, sweet and simple. The evolution and advancement in technology over the last decade has been revolutionary and has been the catalyst for more innovation today and into the future. However, the rise of the cybercrime has grown almost simultaneously as […]

Business Continuity – Keeping your Data Safe and Business Trading

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is one of the most important areas in IT security today and it’s only becoming more prominent as large-scale breaches within the private and public sector continue to shake consumer trust and provoke ever-increasing government regulation. What is it? Identity and access management (IAM) is the security discipline that enables the right individuals to access the […]

Square or Round Wheels?

It all boils down to 1 question, “Are you too busy to improve?” This is a great enabler for the discussion on how to improve. It’s so simple and a great way to start the discussion on any complex matters. I have seen it quoted, shared and commented on many times, which tells us 2 […]

8 Top Tips for Keeping Your IT in Great Shape

In one way or another, Information Technology (IT) is an integral part of any business and we often don’t realise how much we rely on it until it’s non-operational. When such a thing occurs, business day-to-day operations are slowed and can even grind to a halt. Luckily, you can reduce the stress and damage that […]

A series of unfortunate events

Part of your planning is sitting down and essentially predicting and planning for your worst nightmare! Sounds bad, doesn’t it? Sitting down and thinking about a ‘series of unfortunate events’ isn’t something that makes us jump for joy. It is however essential to develop effective exercise scenarios… (they must be realistic, no alien scenarios allowed!) […]

But Why Validate Your Recovery Procedures

Athletes need to prepare with training, planning and of course, stretching before a big race. That way, they know they will perform at their very best. The same goes for Business Continuity, with the right planning and preparation your business can continue to perform well, even during a crisis. The reality is, disruptions don’t give […]

Validate your Business Continuity plan

An important way of avoiding a crisis in the first place is to ensure your readiness for a disruptive event. We have broken down this critical task so you can be confident the business continuity (BC) system you are putting in place will work effectively when it matters: Although people often use the terms  “test” […]