Network Access Control

The number of endpoints on IT networks is expanding at an ever-increasing rate. User devices have moved beyond the traditional desktop and laptop to include smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices with network connectivity, such as the Apple Watch. The rapid growth seen for mobile devices over the last decade may now have stalled, but the […]

Securing Your Digital Identity

Many people have experienced the gut-churning feeling when they check their credit card statement and see unfamiliar transactions or log on to a social media account and see posts they didn’t make. That mobile phone SIM bought in a country they’ve never been to, and the Facebook post with a link to a phishing site […]

Veracode And Code Security

It’s almost a decade since Marc Andreessen wrote his influential “Why Software Is Eating the World” article in The Wall Street Journal. In the article he outlined how software systems were, and would continue to, disrupt and replace traditional business models with layers of software and applications on the web and mobile devices. His prediction […]

VAR to MSP – The Game Changer!

Lightning fast changes and volatility are hallmarks of the modern IT market. Business Executives have tospot opportunities which add value and differentiate their offerings, for their company’s survival and success in the future. The MSP model (Managed Service Provider) has not only emerged as an attractive business model but has facilitated organisational success in the current […]

MSPs, How to Stand Out In A Crowd

There is a debate out there about whether companies in the cyber space should remain a traditional IT services provider or transition to offer managed security. Adding security offerings is almost a mantra across the managed service provider (MSP) business. Given the rise of ransomware and an ever-growing list of other threats, IT service providers […]