Beware Ransomware!

“The files on this computer have been encrypted! You have 96 hours to submit payment, otherwise your files will be permanently destroyed!” The message no one wants to read, you’ve been hit with RANSOMWARE. Such attacks can be costly for businesses as ransomware infects a computer, blocks access to computer files and demands that money […]

Cyber Security – The Fast Facts

In a world of increasing complexities and complications, I wanted to keep this blog short, sweet and simple. The evolution and advancement in technology over the last decade has been revolutionary and has been the catalyst for more innovation today and into the future. However, the rise of the cybercrime has grown almost simultaneously as […]


Digital Audio Tape, what was it? What was it used for? Who used it? OK Let’s refresh the memory… DAT or Digital Audio Tape for short, was a signal recording and playback medium developed by Sony and introduced in 1987.  The recording was in digital rather than analog and used a 4mm tape in a cassette. Recording […]

WannaCry Ransomware

Is WannaCry a Wake Up Call?

Over the weekend deadly WannaCry virus, the biggest attack of its kind ever recorded, swept the globe which has resulted in sleepless nights for many IT and security professionals in over 150 countries. With the ransom clock steadily ticking choices had to be made… to pay or not to pay? As the attack begins to […]

What’s Next For Cyber Security This Year

The world of Cyber Security has had a busy year, we have seen numerous high-profile incidents, below are a few of the headline grabbers… Apple v FBI Ukraine Power Grid Attack – Phishing Attack Tesco Bank TalkTalk Ransomware – The sheer volume and creativity There is new legislation coming into force in 2018 and with […]