The Channel Tunnel Act 1987 authorised the construction of the Channel Tunnel that connects the UK with France, via an underground train tunnel. The idea of a tunnel was first proposed in 1802 but construction wasn’t started until 1987/88. Construction of the tunnel was completed in 1993 and services commenced in November 1994. The Channel […]


Everyone is bound to have used Microsoft Excel at some stage in their professional career, but for those who are lucky enough to have dodged spreadsheets until now, Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. Microsoft Excel is one of the most familiar, flexible, and widely used business applications […]


“Across the Great Wall we can reach every corner in the world”   After a failed attempt on the 14th, on the 20th September 1987 the message above was sent via email by scholars at China’s Computer Application Technology Institute. A historic moment in China’s technological timeline! From 1983 to 1987 Chinese and German teams collaborated […]

Hang On! Business Continuity and the Retail Sector

 “Business as usual” is the goal for every business continuity plan. Retailers come in many forms including supermarkets, department stores and clothing outlets but they also come in many sizes from your large multinational corporations (MNCs) such as Tesco right down to your SMEs such as your local newsagent. The one thing they have in common […]

Manufacturing and business continuity

Coming from the perspective of the manufacturing industry, business continuity is about ensuring products continue to reach customers, regardless of any internal problems or issues as that arise. Of course like us all in the business world manufacturers need to identify their critical value adding processes and business activities, focus on keeping them operational or […]

Business Continuity- Who You Gonna Call?

Following an incident, you may find that you can’t perform a recovery yourself, you may need a professional to help restore your business. So of course the question is… Who you gonna call?(Sorry, I couldn’t resist) Your first thought after an incident should be safety. If the workplace is unsafe for any reason, don’t allow […]

Business Continuity – Calling in the Experts (Part 2)

Before we get started, there’s a lot going on with clear crypt this month, They’re having a competition at the moment to win one of their ClearCrypt Secure 8GB Encrypted Storage Devices, to be in with a chance of winning click hereAlso for a limited time only their having 10% off their MSATA range of products, to […]