Making the Move from Citrix

“No one ever got fired for buying…”   We’ve all seen this phrase used in various contexts when looking to procure an IT solution or service. Depending on your age you will have heard in its original form when referring to IBM, or more recently it may have been Microsoft, Cisco, or some other dominant […]

Veracode And Code Security

It’s almost a decade since Marc Andreessen wrote his influential “Why Software Is Eating the World” article in The Wall Street Journal. In the article he outlined how software systems were, and would continue to, disrupt and replace traditional business models with layers of software and applications on the web and mobile devices. His prediction […]

We’ve Got Your Back Up!

We’ve all heard horror stories of companies going out of business due to data loss and breaches. We’ve also heard that the data loss and breaches could have been prevented by continuously backing that data. Back-ups are an integral part of any organisation’s business continuity or disaster recovery plan and should be implemented throughout the […]

Trusted Partners – Trust is Key

Trust is a fundamental principle of our business. We all know how to measure the value of tangibles such as equipment, stock, people and other resources, but what about the intangibles? Trust is difficult to measure due to its intangible nature because it has different value at different levels, for different individuals. A wise man once […]

Data Deposit Box – Guardians Of Your Galaxy!

Beside individuals, an association’s most important resource is it’s DATA! In our own  world, regardless of how large or little, our DATA is vital… it supports our clients, it educates our staff, it makes us a profits and it protects us. It’s key that we guard it! I’m certain you have heard of or, maybe even, […]

Got your back (up)

We’ve all heard the term ‘have someone’s back’ but what does it mean? Urban Dictionary definition (because of course)… “You watch out and be a second set of eyes for someone. You look out for their best interests and let them know if they have missed something. You will stick up for them” I was flicking […]